About Us

Why Mausam ?

Mausam is the Indian word for "seasons". It was carefully chosen to reflect a philosophy of versatility – at Mausam, we are excited to adapt our atmosphere, cuisine, and services to perfectly meet your needs for any occasion. Mausam is a special venue for events such as weddings, sweet sixteen's, and corporate events, offering a full menu of quality Indian and intercontinental cuisine, as well as buffet style eating and catering services. Mausam has three distinctive floors of restaurant, full bar and banquet/meeting/party rooms. Our restaurant is a great choice for a business lunch or intimate dinner and the Khel Bar is a fun place for that after work get-together.


Who are we ?

Trivedis' opened Mausam in October 2010. With three generations of catering Background, Trusha always dreamed about a restaurant with Bar & Banquets. In 2008, she put the plan together and explored the opportunities. In 2010 we developed Mausam.

Co-founder Sankalp Trivedi has always had a passion for cooking and is responsible for everything related to the kitchen and bar at Mausam. San has developed many of the unique recipes offered at Mausam. While Trusha capably handles the day to day operations of the restaurant and catering business, Sankalp is focused on keeping the highest standards of quality in the kitchen and continuing to build the Mausam brand.

Like everyone, we are always blessed with True, Honest and Outspoken Customers, Friends & Family Members. We do hear their voice, their opinion and their criticism. And that has been driving force behind Mausam.


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