Mausam Banquet and Catering Terms

Menu Selection

I.    Final selection must be submitted to the catering department at least one week in advance, otherwise items selected cannot be guaranteed.

II.   The quotation herein is subject to a proportionate increase to meet increased cost of food, beverages and other costs of operation existing at the time of the performance of our undertaking by reason of an increase in present commodity prices, labor costs, taxes, or currency values. The patron expressly grants the right to Mausam Cuisine to raise the prices herein quoted or to make reasonable substitutions on the menu and agrees to pay such increased prices and to accept such substitutions.

III.  No food or beverage of any kind from an outside source will be permitted to be brought into any Banquet/Restaurant/private VIP rooms by any guest or attendee, unless contracted with an approved off-premise caterer, or approved by Catering Manager.

IV.   No food or beverage is permitted to be taken outside of Mausam Cuisine upon the completion of the function.

Deposits and Payments

I.    Mausam Cuisine requires an initial deposit of 25% of the estimated total to secure the function space. Additional deposits may be necessary and all will be applied to the final balance. All deposits are non-refundable.

II.     If the client's organization maintains tax-exempt status, the client must provide Mausam Cuisine with a valid tax exemption certificate and I.D. number issued by the state of New Jersey. These must be provided to Mausam Cuisine by the date of the function. State tax law prevents Mausam Cuisine from honoring any organizational tax exemption without securing payment directly from the organization in the form of organizational check or credit card issued directly to the organization. Government groups must use a government credit card with a tax-exempt number or government purchase order to obtain tax-exempt status.

III.    Full payment for the function must be received 72 hours prior to the event. Payment must be in the form of credit card, cash, company check or certified check. If paying by personal check, Mausam Cuisine must receive a check a minimum of 14 days prior. This method of payment is subject to authorization.

Guarantees and Cancellations

I.    Mausam Cuisine requires to be notified of the exact number of guests attending at least seven(7) business days prior to the scheduled date of the function. Functions will be billed at minimums noted on the contract or a minimum of 85% of the agreed number of guests or actual in attendance, whichever is greater. The number of guests given will serve as the guarantee for which we will prepare the agreed-upon menus and for which you will be charged. If a guarantee of attendance is not received at the time outlined in your letter of agreement, the minimum attendance indicated on the Banquet Event Order will become the guaranteed attendance.

II.    All banquet checks must be signed by the person in charge or a designated representative at the completion of each function. Any discrepancies in counts or charges should be identified at that time.

III.   All cancellations must be submitted in writing 90 days prior to the event. If the event is cancelled, deposits will be held, but can be applied towards the new event based upon availability date up to six months from the original event date.

Room Arrangements

I.     Mausam Cuisine reserves the right to reassign function/event space.

II.    Function guests will be admitted to the banquet room and are expected to depart at the time stated on the letter of agreement.

III.   Mausam Cuisine may require the customer to obtain and pay for bonded security personnel based on the size of nature of certain functions.

IV. Any shipments made to Mausam Cuisine must be labeled with the recipient's name, group affiliation, and event date to the attention of the Banquet, Department. In addition, stringent local regulations make it impossible for us to store hazardous and/or flammable materials on the premises.

V.   Any items to be put on any meeting room or lobby walls or any directional signs must be approved by Mausam Cuisine.

VI.  To avoid possible disruption of another client's event, any use of stereo equipment, and singing or live music must be pre-approved by the Director of Catering.

VII. Provisions for high speed internet access must be made in advance of the function with the catering office. Any special connectors, adapters, etc. that are needed are the responsibility of the client.


I.   The customer is responsible and will reimburse Mausam Cuisine for any damage, loss, or liability incurred by any of the customer's guests or any persons or organization contracted by the customer to provide any service or goods before, during, and after the function.

II.   Mausam Cuisine will not be liable for nonperformance of this letter of agreement when such nonperformance is attributable to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, government (federal, state, and municipal) regulations of or restrictions upon travel or transportation. Non-availability of food, beverages or supplies, riots, national emergencies, acts of God, and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, which are beyond the reasonable control of Mausam Cuisine, preventing or interfering with the Mausam Cuisine's performance.

III.  This letter of agreement is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, including health and safety codes, alcoholic beverage control laws, and disability laws. Mausam Cuisine and the client agree to cooperate with each other to ensure compliance with such laws.

IV.  The use of any type of open flame material including pyrotechnics, fog machines, space heaters, Christmas Trees, candles or any other fire hazard must be approved 14 days prior to the event. Upon approval, the designated Mausam Cuisine management staff members, only will supervise the use of any flame item or smoke item on Mausam Cuisine premises and will have an appropriate fire extinguisher readily at hand.

V.   If the client wishes to hire outside vendors to provide any goods or services at Mausam Cuisine during the event, Mausam Cuisine may require that vendor be provide an identification agreement and proof of adequate insurance.

VI.  The parties agree that, in the event litigation relating to this letter of agreement is filed by either party, the no prevailing party in such litigation will pay the prevailing parties costs resulting from litigation, including reasonable attorneys' fees.


All federal, state and municipal taxes which may be imposed or be applicable to this letter of agreement and to the services rendered by Mausam Cuisine are in addition to the prices herein agreed upon, and the patron agrees to pay them separately. The service charges of eighteen percent (18%) applied in this letter of agreement are to offset labor and administration costs. This service charge may be taxable, subject to state and local tax laws.

The person whose signature appears on the face of this letter of agreement and by whose signature acceptance for the group is made, acknowledges that the above catering contract terms and conditions along with the service and arrangements as described on the face of this letter of agreement are fully acceptable herein, and the compliance by the group of all conditions both written and stated.

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